Shadyman, MatthewLange or all others

eexpress exp.exp at
Thu Sep 21 11:20:34 BST 2006

hi, all

i had read this wiki.
and really it fix the scrollbar and click-drag problem of my tounchpad.

also i used a dapper and machine is A8H20Jc-DR. now i had a problem with  
left-hand mouse.
when i changed to left-hand mouse, the touchpad also changed. that's say
then i click on touchpad, it acted as a right-button function, a menu  
if i changed to right-hand mouse, all is ok.

i had test the touchpad by xev. and touchpad is not create same click  
event as mouse did.

i want if some parameter can be add to SynapticsTouchpad part within  
xorg.conf to fix this.

very thanks,


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