unable to install Knot-3 on my laptop...

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at ubuntu.com
Sun Sep 17 18:44:38 BST 2006

I have one of these Canonical supplied laptop that came with 256mb of
ram.   This morning I tried to install Knot-3 , and actually was unable
to.  It seems the live CD of Edgy on that laptop couldn´t manage to work
in that tight ram environment.   Starting the live session goes
relatively normally, a bit slow, but nothing unusual.  But then to try
to start any other application simply lead to a near-endless swapping to
disk activity.   I tried the live installer and for 20 minutes the
laptop swapped like crazy, and the only thing visible was a blank window
which was going to be the installer at one point. Then I gave up on

Even normal activities in a live session seems unpractical for me:  I
tried a firefox and  a gnome-terminal window, and it took over 10
minutes of waiting for them to even start.  Does anyone else share this
type of experience with 256mb laptops?  Or there is problem specifically
with mine?  While it´s nice to have a live CD, if it takes 10-15 mins to
even start a browser makes the whole experience less than friendly for
the users.    

The alternative for the install for me is obviously the alternate CD,
which is what I had done for Knot-2.  On the web page
(http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/edgy/knot-3/) is says that it
should be use for specialized case like ¨installs on systems with less
than about 192MB of RAM.¨, but my personal experience this morning says
that maybe 192mb was true for Dapper and before, but not for the latest

But my problem with the current Knot-3 alternate cd is that it is 702mb
for the i386 version, and Nautilus refused to burn it on my 700mb CD-R
media.  Someone suggested on IRC that I use the DVD version, but I do
not have a DVD-writer.

I essentially have a Knot-3 laptop right now (since I have all the daily
updates), but I cannot actually install that release.  I´m hoping one of
the daily alternate CD will soon be below that 700mb so that I can try a
near-Knot-3 install.


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