acpi-support and wireless

Luka Renko lure at
Sun Oct 22 21:30:03 BST 2006

On Sunday 22 October 2006 19:16, Nicolò Chieffo wrote:
> Hello, I've found some errors in the acpi-support package, about wifi.
> I've filed some bugs but I think that the maintainer didn't notice
> them.

I think that we are too late in release schedule to merge such changes that 
may impact lots of users. 

> anyway acpi-support utilities about  wireless are in my opinion too
> much fragmented: the power off/on utility is defined in more than one
> place and in different watys, and also the led sync.
> we definitely need a low level framework well structured and
> engineerized,which supports hotkeys, leds and can be linked to a GUI!

I agree with you: it starts from basic wireless framework (power management, 
led...), then into ifup/ifdown/wpasupplicant and finally network-manager. Not 
to mention that both GNOME and KDE are missing wireless config for more 
advanced configs (WPA, WPA enterprise), beside the one in network-manager.

I plan to add specification for feisty for Kubuntu networking (to address some 
KDE specific enhancements) and it would be great if we can also move the base 
infrastructure further.

Since we are discussing acpi-support: we may need to rethink also the power 
management infrastructure as quite some progress (or at least activities) is 
going on in the areas that overlap with acpi-support (pm-utils in hal, 
uswsusp replacing swsusp...).
I hope there will be more people at UDS MtView (in person or over SIP) that 
have interest in these topics.


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