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Peter Whittaker pwwnow at
Thu Nov 30 12:45:27 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-30-11 at 11:56 +0000, DDowney wrote:
> I have a Toshiba Satellite A30-203 and am checking if the hardware and 
> everything in it will work OK under Ubuntu 6.10 before I install it.
> So I did a quick search on the net and came across Puppylinux, 
>, which has my laptop listed. 
> Im assuming then that linux will work well on this laptop, yes?

Short of a definitive answer from the vendor, a support organization, or
a user, the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. The nice
thing is, you can do this without installing.

I'd suggest booting from the Ubuntu CD, then trying the various tests
listed here: This should give you
a good idea if it works.

My guess is that it will work somewhere from pretty well to perfectly:
Ubuntu 6.10 supports a wide variety of hardware and works quite well.
That said, I believe a degree of motivation is necessary (you have to
want to try Linux) because there are still many things that don't work
quite as well as under Windows.

(FWIW, IMHO that's because of any or all of a) buggy BIOSes, b) buggy
drivers, c) proprietary drivers, d) vendors who cooperate with MS but
not the Linux community, and e) more special-case code in MS OSes to
handle a, b, and c than we can possibly imagine...   ...there is at
indirect evidence for this, it isn't sour grapes...).

Truth in advertising, caveat emptor. IMHO, it's better you know the
truth and join our community as an informed participant than be told
that all is well, then drink the kool aid, only to find it tainted....

As a final note, some of the laptop tests may require you to suspend,
hibernate, or reboot your machine, in which case you'll need
persistence. This page provides instructions:

Personally, I'd try the loopback method and use a local file on your
existing hardrive for persistence; refer to section 4 of the previous
link, i.e.,

Once you've kicked the tires, consider adding an entry to your machine
on, and perhaps filing
bug reports on Launchpad:

Best wishes and best of luck,


ps	And welcome to Ubuntu!

pps	I wasn't sure if you were on the list, so I Cc'd you.
	Apologies if you get this twice....

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