Dell inspiron 8000, Ubuntu 6.10 problems

Bram Neijt bneijt at
Fri Nov 3 16:31:12 GMT 2006

First off, the problem is now fixed, I've got a cristal clear
1600x1200 desktop in my face, waiting to be tweaked.

On 11/3/06, Rick Dunnam <rick.dunnam at> wrote:
> Okay, so you have an ATI graphics card.
> First, I would like to see if I can clarify something... just to make sure I
> am on the same page:
> On the live boot CD the screen is messed up, but you can do the install.
The system if functioning, but the screen is thusly bad (showin parts
overlapped/twice and some parts not at all) that you can't use it to
install anything.

> Once you do the install, you get to the login screen and text starts
> scrolling on the screen.
The text problem (IO buffer) was actually just a badly burned CD in a
sensitive cdrom drive, so reburning the CD fixed all "text showing on
the screen" problems.

I then used the alternate iso to install ubuntu, although from the
post it seems I could have used the "Safe mode", I just overlooked
that option and tried adding vga=771 to the kernel options (found in
the help). When this failed, I just switched to the alternate CD and
used the text-mode install. So I totally forgot to try the safe mode
option of the normal desktop cd.

> And you can not get to a console.
After the text install, my initial login screen was messed up exactly
like with the live CD. I tried using switching to a console, but then
the system crashes (As described by psyke83 on

I then used an init=/bin/sh, mount -o remount,rw / to do the edits
explained on the forum post (although I removed the "#" before the
"defoptions" described on that post).

After that, my system was up and running perfectly! Thanks for the help.

If any of you guess needs any more specs or want me to write some of
this stuff up in a document or page, let me know. I'll have some time
for that next week.

Thanks Rick, keep up the good work and
greetings to all,

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