Suspend White-listing

Matthew Kuiken matt.kuiken at
Mon May 22 04:22:56 BST 2006

Paul Sladen wrote:
> Currently we white-list those machines that we know to have working Suspend,
> or which we are aware require certain workarounds to ensure that Suspend or
> Hibernate work.
> If you constantly find yourself having to [re]set the value of:
>   ACPI_SLEEP=true
> at the top of:
>   /etc/default/acpi-support
> then I'd like to white-list your laptop so that you don't have to!  If you
> have working Suspend, please can you copy the output of:
>   cat /var/lib/acpi-support/*-*
> and paste it at the end of:
> Note:  If it is anything but a simple "Yes, suspend works on this
> laptop" request, then please file a separate bug-report.

Sorry about the question, but the semantics just changed recently, so 
I'm a little unclear as to what you want.

My laptop will properly hibernate, and resume, but sometimes has 
problems with suspend and resume. Should I still add it to the list? If 
so, should I note the limitation that suspend should not be enabled by 
default, but hibernate should?

Since suspend and sleep were just recently defined as sleep being either 
operation, and suspend being the old suspend to RAM, I am uncertain 
whether you are using the new definitions, or are just talking about 
suspend in general as it use to be used...

Thanks in advance,

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