Bad performance and instability on IPC PowerNote M 8375 aka Mitac 8375

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at
Wed Mar 29 09:10:23 BST 2006

Corey Burger schrieb am 29.03.2006 05:37:

> On 3/28/06, Christoph Bier <christoph.bier at> wrote:
>>First of all: Is this the right list to discuss my problem?
> <snip>
> This is mostly for discussion of testing and which version we should
> be testing. Please make certain you file bugs about each specific
> issue you are having.

Help would start at this point because I can not specify any issue,
i.e. I can not make a special program responsible for bad
performance and instability. Even log files don't show me anything
special. I don't know where to start to track the problem down. In
order not to worry you about posting something you did not ask for
you can find my message from 2005-12-12 from the users list here[1].
So if you want to you can have a look at a more precisely
description of the problem.

> For general help, I would recommend the
> ubuntu-users mailing list.

As I wrote I already looked there for help without any results.


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