Bad performance and instability on IPC PowerNote M 8375 aka Mitac 8375

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at
Tue Mar 28 10:10:49 BST 2006


First of all: Is this the right list to discuss my problem? It's
about very bad performance an instability on my laptop with Breezy
and the fact that there was a much better performance and stability
with Debian Woody and Sarge.

I described my problem on 2005-12-12[1] in the users list but
without any result. In the meantime I even installed Windows XP on a
second partition to rule out any hardware problem and adapted
xorg.conf that helped a little (at least I thought it was). Last
weekend I made a video projector presentation (PDF, mainly text,
some graphics via AR 7.0.5) with my laptop and it froze along the
way :-(. This was /very/ embarrassing and must never happen again!
Next presentation is at the end of next week and I have to make a
decision: track down the problem with somebody's help (desired) or
install Debian again (with some negative accompaniments); maybe it's
also worth to upgrade to Dapper?

If this is the right list to look for help I will post the text of
my message from 2005-12-12 here again and some additional
information. If it's not, what would be the right place to look for

Best regards,

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PS: I already know and checked: and
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