inspiron 6000

paracetamolo youfind.marco at
Sat Mar 25 08:37:06 GMT 2006

I all, I'm marco a new tester!

I work on a dell inspiron 6000 bought on september.
Ok, I have experienced several problem with my dapper install:

mouse was slow out of the box (well known, easy to fix).

screen resolution and refresh rate were wrong and not changable (also
easy to fix).

when I click on a button (or a web link) often I have to take away the
pointer from it otherwise it won't open - I ensure you it is terribly

after sleep, the system is unusable for thousand of little bugs:
-screensaver starts whenever he like,
-he doesn't recognize plugged energy, he think he is on battery and
start counting it even if it is completely full,
-I suddenly log me out,
thoose last are pretty terrible...

moreover it sometimes log me out also when I close the lid instead of
just asking the password.

I also had two icons (so I think 2 apps) regarding the battery state on
my panel.   

in the end my 3d is not working while it was on breezy (I'm still
working on it).

I'm going to make a wiki page as soon as I lean how to.

thank you for the attention

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