Some problem regarding Ubuntu on Compaq V2000 (HP L2000)

Cristian Aravena Romero caravena at
Sun Mar 19 21:09:57 GMT 2006

Hello Ning Bao:

I'm chilean and my english is very bad : -(.  Pliss to consider  write
comentaries and query in [1]list mail and

2006/3/19, Ning Bao <ningbao at>:
> It is great to contact you, the person in charge of tuning in Ubuntu on a
> Compaq V2000 laptop.
> I am using a HP special edition Livestrong L2000 laptop. Theoretically, they
> are identical laptop,

Pliss revise:
Notebook similar in hotkey, wireless, volume hardware, chipset usb and
others. Not in cpu.

> Ok, let me cut in the real issue.
> I installed Ubuntu 5.04  (AMD64 64bits system) on my laptop long time ago
> and I was working fine.

This very good.

> If I am right, the first kernel version I used was
> 2.6.14-8.  Then, I  kept  my system  updated. Everything was fine until I
> upgraded my bios from F.11 to F.13 (F.23 behave the same as F.13).
> The
> situation is that newer kernel (newer than 2.6.14-9) hang up after boot, but
> the oldest kernel 2.6.14-8 still works. I tried this many times and I was
> seeking for answers, but I got no clue. I was so frustrated and I deleted
> Ubuntu from my laptop.

Pliss report bug in [1]malone.

> I tried the latest Ubuntu Drapper LiveCD (Ubuntu 66.04 Flight CD4). With
> AMD64 LiveCD, F.11 bios works fine, F.23 freezes. I found your ubuntu wiki
> page after I met this problem and I noticed you were using X86 system. I
> tried it myself. With X86 (32bits) LiveCD, both bios works fine.
> Conclusion :There is something wrong when you use a AMD64 system with newer
> bios version on a Compaq V2000 (HP L2000) laptop. What's more, this might be
> a bug inherited since kernel 2.6.14-9.
> Could you please check with Ubuntu AMD64 team to figure out what is going on
> here.

I use cpu AMD Sempron 3000+ (32bit) not AMD64

Pliss considere write in mail list. You english is good =-). In mail
list people expert in topic.
Cristian Aravena Romero

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