filling in the form for my Compaq Evo N150

Matthew Garrett mjg59 at
Sun Mar 12 02:38:54 GMT 2006

On Sat, Mar 11, 2006 at 06:17:42PM -0500, metatux wrote:
> Hi,
> Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> >I need some pointers filling in these bits:
> >
> >* How do I know what the correct refresh rate is?
> the refreshrate of your Display. (cat /etc/fstab)

No, this is untrue. xrandr should tell you your current refresh rate - 
on laptops, this is basically uninteresting. /etc/fstab has nothing to 
do with it.

> >* How do I know if 3D Acceleration is/should be working?
> In most cases you'll need to install drivers of the manufacturer like 

Also untrue. If you have an nvidia card, you need binary drivers to 
support 3D. If you have anything else, then 3D should work with a plain 
Dapper install unless you have certain ATI cards, your card doesn't 
support 3D at all or it's fairly rare and nobody has written 3D drivers 
for it.

> >* What is 'Cpu frequency scaling' and how do I know if my laptop
> >supports it?
> Depends of your CPU

Does your CPU speed up and slow down depending on how heavily it's used? 
if powernowd is running, then it's supported.

> >* There are some special keys on the Compaq EvoN150 - how should I fill
> >in the info for them? (None of them work)
> Same as with my EVO N610c. I think that the Fn-keys don't work on any 
> Compaq-EVO Laptop. But not only with Ubuntu. I've testet with a lot of 
> Distris and the keys don't work. :-(((

Have you filed a bug?

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