Sony Vaio VGN-FS215S

Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος ypapado at
Mon Mar 6 09:18:08 GMT 2006

I have installed last week Kubuntu Dapper in my Sony-Vaio VGN-FS215S and 
upgraded packages two days ago.
1. Touchpad is recognized  but cursors speed is really slow and can not  
be fixed. Tapping is not supported. Both worked fine under Breezy.
2. Changing the aliasing preferences doesn't have any effect. The same 
file with the same Times New Roman Font in Open Office under windows XP 
is clear and in Kubuntu blurred. Some characters half appear.
3. I don't know which is the appropriate choice for keyboard. There is 
none for Sony Vaio. I tried to use the other brand keyboards for Laptop 
but to no avail.
4. Winmodem is not recognized but I guess I have to buy linuxant  driver.
5. Wireless card is recognized but I have to install Ndis Wrapper.
6. Adept doesn't function 9 out of 10 times but this is a general 
problem as I realized from the talk in the Forum.
I would be gratefull for any advice


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