Extra function keys/ hotkeys

Rob Hughes rob at robhughes.com
Tue Jun 27 22:00:05 BST 2006

On Tue, 2006-06-27 at 20:08 +0200, Marvin Raaijmakers wrote:
> Read the message in the front page of the keyTouch website and you will
> find out why. And I advise you to try to use keyTouch.
> BTW Lineak supports 90 keyboard models, but many keyboard models in the
> list of Lineak are the same. Because keytouch-editor (the application
> for creating keyboard files) asks the user to send the created keyboard
> file to me, I receive a lot of keyboard files from the users. At the
> moment I have 68 unread messages containing keyboard files in my
> mailbox.
> I have also written a patch to improve the USB keyboard drivers. This
> patch will be included in the Linux kernel. As soon as the patch is
> included I will write a new version of keyTouch that will make it
> possible to get all the extra function keys of USB keyboards working
> (just like I did with the other types of keyboards).

I did read it. I don't entirely agree with it. I have yet to find a
keyboard I where I can't get all the keys working under lineak,
including funky things like the mx 3100 combo where the extended keys
come through the mouse's event interface. The only thing I see that
keytouch might have over lineak is acpi key presses. But that's what I
use acpid for.

Anyway, use what you want. I'm sticking with lineak, which works well
for me on all the systems I set it up on. I especially like the ability
to have the correct key combinations sent to my different multimedia
apps for things like next/previous, etc. I don't see that in keytouch.
And without it, I don't see what use keytouch is for anything other than
very basic configurations.

Finally, the lineak that I'm running supports 356 different keyboard
models, not the 90 you claim, and I haven't even updated to the current
version. I'm about 3 months behind.

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