Extra function keys/ hotkeys

Marvin Raaijmakers marvin.nospam at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 13:09:25 BST 2006

Like I wrote a time ago, I think keyTouch (http://keytouch.sf.net/) will
be a very usefull for Ubuntu on laptops to get the extra function keys
(or hotkeys as they are called by you) working. Not only for laptops but
also for desktops with keyboards that have extra function keys.
KeyTouch does the setkeycodes stuff, has its own key grabbing deamon a
nice GUI for configuring the actions and does also support ACPI hotkeys.
It currently supports 79 different keyboard/laptop models.
Even if the Ubuntu laptop testing team isn't interested in using
keyTouch for the hotkeys problem, information about the laptop keys
might still be interesting. KeyTouch has for each laptop/keyboard model
a keyboard file that contains information about the extra function keys.
See the keyTouch website for more information about keyTouch, the
keyboard files and find out how easy keyboard files are made by using

- Marvin Raaijmakers

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