Bad luck with Toshibas?

Mikael Gustafsson mikael.gustafsson at
Sat Jun 10 00:46:56 BST 2006

 >I was wondering if any of the members of the Laptop Testing Team were
 >having essentially no luck with their Toshiba laptops like I am. I'm
 >going to provide a list of problems from my Tecra A4's wiki page, please
 >chime in if you're experiencing any of them. I'm not sure if the Tecra
 >A4 is just especially bad in terms of Linux support or if many similar
 >models are as well.
 >Taken from
 >  * Critical: Ethernet is now once again broken. This is a
 >    show-stopper for many people.

 >      * Critical: Wireless with the ipw2200 driver is restarting due to
 >        firmware error, making wireless connectivity impossible.

 >      * Major: USB Storage devices do not mount.
 >        (
 >      * Moderate: None of the function keys work.
 >      * Minor: Card reader isn't likely to work, no Linux driver
 >        available.

 >Our local Linux User Group saw quite a few Toshibas during the last
 >installfest of the semester, most of these experienced at least one of
 >these problems. Some laptops were uninstallable, which is the category
 >the Tecra A4 falls under.
 >The first and third entry in this list are the most critical, as they
 >prevent me from doing much of anything. I can't get dmesg output to the
 >bug tracker aside from typing it out manually due to the USB problem. I
 >can't grab updated drivers via USB or Ethernet either, so my laptop is
 >essentially cut off from all outside contact :)
 >In any case, are these problems some of you other Toshiba testers are
 >seeing? It seems like there are a lot of problems with ACPI on the Tecra
 >that cause other problems.

The only thing on the Tecra S1 that aint working is the FN(Special) 
keys.(Haven't tested the SD card reader yet though.)
The reason to that is that the S1 uses the Phoenix bios wich doesn't 
work with fnfx ( wich is included as an 
module in the kernel.

The A4 isn't tested with fnfx(according to their 
homepage( section 3.2 
and section 3.3). But generally, if it got an phoenix bios there's no 
fix to it at the moment.

To get the dim/lighten up (fn+f6/f7) to work there's an little program 
that fixes that. It can be found at:

Dear regards,
Mikael Gustafsson

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