Ubuntu and Thinkpad X30: No fan

Eaves Landry ellandry at cox.net
Fri Jul 14 12:40:48 BST 2006

ok I am a total linux noob so forgive me. where is the silent mode FN 
key and how do I check it for you?

Dietmar G. Matzke wrote:
> Eaves Landry schrieb:
>> It seems taht on my laptop the fan does not kick on under dapper 
>> unless the cpu temp is so hot that I can barely touch the bottom of 
>> the laptop with my hand. there are no fan settings in the bios and I 
>> have the latest bios. acpi must be running but suspend etc work fine. 
>> Is there a util to control the fan from with linux and if so maybe 
>> the temp that it is prompted to turn on is set to high?
> Hi Eaves,
> as I am writing this, I am sitting in Front of a X50, which is very 
> similar to your X30. Power/Fan/Temp-Controls are working pretty well. 
> Even the "Silent-Mode" is selectable.
> Could you post something about the function of the "Silent-Mode" 
> FN-Key? If this is selected, the Fan is kept off as long as it could 
> be. Thus: heat is increased to the utmost limit.
> Keep us informed
> Regards
> Dietmar

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