time not correct in dapper

Nicolò Chieffo 84yelo3 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 22:33:45 GMT 2006

I'm in the europe/rome (+1) timezone and I use windows so I don't have
the bios clock set to GMT. My time is correct under windows and
breezy. now I have installed dapper in another partition but I've
noticed that now time shown is +1 hour (for instance now it shows 0.19
instead of 23.19)

If I right click on the clock and chose preference and then select
"Use UTC" it shows correct time... but this is not normal as it should
add 1 to current time! so I think that someone inverted the 2
things... while the option is to show time NOT in UTC the clock
displays it as it was in UTC and vice-versa!

are you having the same issue?


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