Launchpad group for ubuntu laptop testing?

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Wed Jan 18 11:45:50 GMT 2006

One reason could be that it'll allow us, laptop users, to better track what bugs are being reported or have been reported. In the end, one could get more testing (at least in the form "it works for me and I have laptop xyz") and better regression testing (maybe something along the lines of "it was closed on ... but it happens again").

All this without having to sweep through 100+ bugs listed. I think that a Launchpad Group even allows one to throw in ideas specificaly for laptop machines (i.e., convince everyone that it would be awesome to have applications store their state when a session ends either because the user is logging out or the laptop is running out of battery, and resume their last known state when launched again).


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On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 12:22 +0100, Andreas Schildbach wrote:
> Is there already a Launchpad group for Ubuntu Laptop Testing? If not, 
> should I open one?

If you can think of a reason for opening one!
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