testing flight 4 on Laitude D810

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Tue Feb 28 15:53:53 GMT 2006

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Secondly I still have some issue with the different function keys.
> Fn + F1 is Hiberante -- Doesn't work

If suspend worked, then this is probably down the kernel bug that steals
unmapped keypresses.

> Fn + F2 should turn off the wireless card, but turns off KBluetoothD and the 
> bluetooth indicator goes out

Could you double-check this under Microsoft Windows?  Most of the bluetooth
keys 'unplug' the internal USB-connected bluetooth dongle and this is done
in hardware.

> Fn+F3 is for the battery and works correctly

What exactly does/should this do?  Pop up a battery status window?

> Fn+Num Lk should turn on/off the scroll lock but does not work.

Please file this against 'hotkey-setup' with 'dmidecode' output and
'setkeycodes'/'xev' output for that key combination.

> Fn+Page Up should turn up the sound, doesn't work
> Fn+Page Dn should turn the sound down, doesn't work
> Fn+End should mute, but doesn't work

Do these work in Ubuntu, if so, the kubuntu mixer needs to learn to handle
them (they mapped to standard keycodes);  if not then they also need filing
against 'hotkey-setup'.

> I have also noticed that the mouse speed of the touchpad is extremly slow 
> compared to the trackpoint.

This is an X issue;  file against 'xorg-driver-input-*'.

> I looked into updating the wiki page but the author of the page asked him to 
> be contacted but his email bounced for me.

Wiki are supposed to be collaborative and wording like that just serves to
block progress;  I'd be happy to see that line deleted and replaced with a
message that the original author is not contactable.

> I was also wondering how much of the testing for the laptop team occurs on 
> Kubuntu?

I do too :)  Probably 25% at a guess.

Britain is just cold, in a pesky way.  London, GB

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