Testing Dapper Beta on a Dell Inspiron 6000

Mark Rowbottom mrowbottom at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 08:11:58 BST 2006

Hi Julian,

I'm running Dapper on an Inspiron 5160,  I don't know the differences between 
the two laptops, but I'm having very similar problems to you with hibernate and 

Can I suggest that you edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and add

"Option"    "NvAGP"    "1"

to your nvidia section (I'm assuming you have the NVIDIA drivers installed),  
this resolved the blank screen on resume for me.  Note that I am seeing 
problems with this option in that my machine sometimes freezes with using 
OpenGL applications (e.g. screen savers).  I'm currently trying to get answers 
from the forums, and I know their is an existing bug raised about hibernating 
on an Inspiron 5150 which also looks like the problem we are having.

Good luck, and see you on the forums.


Quoting Julian Yap <julian_yap at yahoo.com>:

> Hi all,
> I recently installed Dapper Beta from the install CD.  I
> installed about a day after it was announced so at the time, it
> was the original kernel.  I also keep my system updated so I'm
> running the latest everything.
> 1) Does suspend/resume to disk work? To RAM?
> Suspend doesn't work for me.  Or more so, it suspends but it
> doesn't resume.  I get a black screen on resume and I can't get
> out of it.
> Hibernation didn't work for me 'out of the box'.  After I
> installed the package 'hibernate' it worked.  It is a lot more
> erratic than Breezy.  Sometimes it hangs when hibernating.  If I
> left it going it may eventually hibernate but I get impatient. 
> This is even after all programs are shut down.
> Sometimes it doesn't come up after hibernation and just does the
> normal boot sequence.  Again, I don't know when it will work for
> me so it's very frustrating.  Breezy always worked for me.
> Upon resumption of hibernation, I am not asked for a password.
> 2) Does X get configured correctly?
> Yes.  It also gives me the option of 1024x768 which is handy for
> presentation on a projector.
> 3) SD slots are more likely to work now.
> Yet to test this.
> Some more:
> 4) i686 kernel.
> This had huge and erratic CPU consumption.  For some reason,
> there's only the i686-SMP kernel available.  Under Breezy I ran
> the i686 kernel without a hitch.
> I'm adding some of my issues and progress here:
> http://julianyap.com/wiki/Ubuntu_Dapper_Beta_issues
> Thanks for the great work.
> Doing my bit to test it all out before Dapper final ships! :P
> - Julian
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