Solved (was: Re: Bad performance and instability on IPC PowerNote M 8375 aka Mitac 8375)

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at
Wed Apr 26 19:04:47 BST 2006

Indeed it was a matter of memory as I assumed in[1]! Today I
installed another 256MB of memory and now Ubuntu runs fine without
any instability and nice performance. Obviously 256MB (actually
224MB because of shared video memory) of memory are not enough for
Ubuntu on my laptop. But for Debian it was enough. Strange. On an
Ubuntu desktop that runs here 256MB are enough, too (but there's no
shared video memory) ... Can 32MB of memory make the difference? Or
is there a different memory management between Ubuntu on desktops
and laptops, and Debian and Ubuntu on laptops?

Best regards,

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