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Tue Apr 18 07:45:20 BST 2006

Do you have an nvidia card? I have the same problem on my Dell laptop and
have raised the following bug:

In my case, it is due to a conflict between usplash and the nvidia binary
driver. Switching to the nvidia-legacy resolves the issue but then I lose
standby/hibernate. Currently I'm still using the nvidia driver but as a
result get a blank screen when I shutdown/standy/hibernate till the machine
powers off.

On 4/18/06, Senectus . <senectus at> wrote:
> My work laptop mostly works pretty well (still working on the winmodem).
> One pretty big issue for me is that the "terminal" screens don't work
> once xorg has started.
> as the PC boots I can see and read the "stuff" that scrolls up the
> screen, but after xorg kicks in and I try going to ctrl-alt-f1 I get
> just a blank screen.
> Is this a "bug" or a configuration issue? (PEBKAC)
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