HDD continually going

Bruce Muirhead muirhead at halenet.com.au
Mon Apr 3 00:01:52 BST 2006

hi folks. Running lates (upgraded etc) dapper on an asus a5e series
laptop, and trying to sort everything out.

One issue which I have read about on the web forum without actually
finding anything useful (for me) is that the HDD seems to be going
almost continually. While there are times when this might be expected,
it seems to occur at all times that the machine is running.

I have gone into windows, and it certainly does not happen there.

While I am sitting at my desk with the power cord plugged in, this isn't
really much of a problem, but once mobile, my battery time is cut very
short, i am assuming (of course I may be an ass) that this is at least
one of the reasons.

While running breezy an the same machine, this did not happen either.

Also: when started laptop-mode, in Breezy the cpu would drop to under
100 on, but remains at around 798 MHz on Dapper.

Although I forget its name (age destroys short term memory, heh) I have
previously tested the power module and it was working.

Does anyone have any ideas on what where how and why I should start
looking now?


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