Kernel Updates Breaking nvidia Drivers?

Jerome Gotangco jgotangco at
Fri Sep 23 00:41:06 CDT 2005

Should be fixed later. Infinity is working on it. If you notice, the
linux-restricted-modules-386 for 2.6.12-9 is still now available. Nothing
breaks when using the nv driver though (but have been using nvidia-glx for
quite some time already).

On 9/23/05, Greg Taylor <gtaylor at> wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed that with each kernel update, they seem to break
> the nvidia module? I dist-upgraded today on my Inspiron 5150 that has a
> nVidia card in it, and it would appear that the
> linux-restricted-modules-686 package has been removed and is now not
> installable. I tried booting on the 386 kernel which usually works, but
> doesn't for the same reason (nvidia module can't be found).
> Any word on if this is going to stop happening? Usually restarting twice
> fixes it, I think there is some kind of cache that is rebuilt at boot,
> but not this time. I've tried adding/removing the kernel packages and
> the linux-restricted-modules package to no avail.
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