Dell Latitude D810 - Ubuntu Breezy

Per Arne Nilssen systemansvarlig at
Thu Sep 1 02:18:03 CDT 2005


I'd just discovered that You have an entry on the laptop-testing-team
for Ubuntu Breezy.
I have a Dell D810 myself, and I am running Breezy on it. (No dual
boot....just plain linux.)
I see that someting on your testing stands as untested. I want to tell
You how things work for me, and if You want to You can put in Your report.

OK here it comes.

After install and a complete update everything looks just fine. My
laptop behaves almost just as I want it.

Resolution 1680x1050 60hz.
My norwegian keyboard are working as it should.
My touchpad, well it works but as You mention on your test, no scroll on
the side.
The blue "stick" also works.
The "metal" sound buttons beside power button works, and so are the
other sound buttons FN+Mute ("End" button"), FN+Vol Up ("Page Up"),
FN+Vol Down ("Page Dn").

Other keys that works as it should:
FN+Wireless (F2), FN+(+), FN+(-), FN+(*), FN+(/), FN+(Brightness up),
FN+(Brightness down)

Keys that don't work, (some of the keys have functions, but not as it
says on the keyboard):
FN+Stand by (Esc), FN+Hibernate (F1), FN+Battery (F3), FN+Eject (F10),
FN+"number", FN+SysRq (Prnt Scrn), FN+Scroll Lk (Num Lk), FN+Break
(Pause). The last 3 mentioned here...well what shall they do?

Key I havn't tested, but are going to FN+CRT/LCD. Was working on hoary
after some editing in xorg.conf.
External monitor havn't tested, but are going to. Was working on hoary
after editing xorg.conf.

An external Microsoft (shit..!) Wheel Mouse Optical plugged into one of
my USB ports works as it should....with scroll function. Working as
I get a "window" asking to import pictures, when plugging my Canon
PowerShot A70 camera into one of my USB ports. Working as expected.
When plugging my HP Deskjet 990cxi into on of my USB ports...nothing
happends. Working as expected!! :-)  (Linux and printing...what shall
one do to get this to work.)

Battery time about 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Sound working, but havn't tested it good enough to say it's working
Video (ATI driver, 3D acceleration) not tested. How can I test it? Have
You installed the latest ATI fglrx driver??
Infrared....not tested (not interested)
Modem.....not tested (not interested)

Are going to test Bluetooth USB dongle tomorrow maybe.

I had to install Wireless Connection Manager 1.08.1(gtkwifi) to get my
wireless work more smoothly. IPW2200bg works as expected, (toggelig
on/off with FN+wireless working as expected.)

I have an docking station, and this is my results so far.
Power on........working  as expected
External LCD monitor (1280x1024).....working as expected.....not tried
running with lid open....two monitors at the same time.
External keyboard.....working as expected
External wireless (Logitech) USB optical mouse......not working as
expected (Scroll function not working)
Ethernet 10/100....working as expected
LPT1 port.....working as expected (hoary)....not tested on breezy
Headphones.....not working (hoary).....not tested on breezy

Mail me if You want more test results.....I will continue to run tests
this week.

Per Arne Nilssen
systemansvarlig at

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