Celso Pinto cpinto at yimports.com
Fri Nov 25 19:11:10 CST 2005

Hi again,

I upgraded libc6 packages and have no problems with the touchpad. 

Have you had any luck yet?


On Sab, 2005-11-26 at 00:01 +0000, Celso Pinto wrote:
> Hello,
> please find the attached strace log for synclient.
> On Sex, 2005-11-25 at 21:45 -0200, Dorneles Treméa wrote:
> > Seems that my bet was wrong, I'm almost sure the problem is somewhere
> > else...
> > 
> > Could you try to upgrade your system in baby-steps, so we can have a
> > chance to discover the problem as soon as we can?
> That's bad :-( I just upgraded every pending package except for libc6
> and now I'm afraid to reboot... the touchpad is working so perfectly
> that I don't want to loose it again hehe 
> No worries though, I'm going to reboot in a while (meaning, restart
> X.org) and if everything's ok I'll let you know. If not, I'll just
> upgrade libc6 and see how it goes from there.
> Cheers,
> Celso
Celso Pinto <cpinto at yimports.com>
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