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Wed Nov 16 11:00:45 CST 2005

El Miércoles 16 Noviembre 2005 13:19, Stephen Shirley escribió:
> Brandon Roberts wrote:
> > I just bought a new Inspiron 1200 from dell and I was wanting to post to
> > the list. Everything on mine worked out of the box including lan and all.
> > How do I go about posting?
> Hi,
> is a good starting point. It
> looks like you have the same model as Jorge Bernal (see the table of
> laptops on that wiki page), so the note at the top of the page about
> co-ordinating with him will apply. Hope that helps
> Steve
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Yep, it's the same than mine. I haven't been able to test the mic input and 
also I don't have any pcmcia cards to test, so it'd be great it you can test 


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