Dapper flight 2 issues

Christian Bjälevik nafallo at magicalforest.se
Mon Dec 26 14:00:05 GMT 2005

sön 2005-12-18 klockan 05:04 +0000 skrev Celso Pinto:
> What's driving me absolutely nuts is the tap-to-click (which should be
> banned if you ask me) and I'd like some good advice on disabling it as I
> can't figure out how to do it (that and re-enabling the scroll
> functionality). Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a
> poll about who uses this tap-to-click thing. If the majority disables
> the functionality as soon as possible, maybe this should be the default
> behaviour.
> Cheers,
> Celso

I use both tap-to-click and scroll fwiw. I would file bugs if we disable
one of them intentionally ;-).
Christian Bjälevik <nafallo at ubuntu.com>
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