Unable to Install Toshiba Tecra A4?

Greg Taylor gtaylor at CLEMSON.EDU
Thu Aug 25 21:51:30 CDT 2005

volvoguy wrote:

>Hey Greg,
>I only got as far as the first round of hardware detection with Hoary
>on my Toshiba Portege S100. Oddly enough, it couldn't find the cdrom
>that it booted from. *shrug* Jeff Waugh told me that Hoary simply
>wouldn't work on a Toshiba laptop that has SATA drives in it somewhere
>(at least I think that was the condition - the cdrom drive isn't
>actually SATA - just the HDD).
>Colony 2 got one step further - detecting the cdrom drive and the
>wireless - but didn't detect any hard drives attached. Colony 3 was
>one step further yet - getting me all the way to the partitioning
>section, but it only offered the ability to modify the RAID array
>(which is possible, but it currently only has one HDD) and doesn't let
>me modify the partitions on the physical disk. There may be a way
>around this, but everybody tells me that Colin Watson is the installer
>guy and he's on his honeymoon right now.
>Also, while Colony 3 got the wireless to work (the installer joined
>the network automatically and everything), the regular ethernet port
>didn't seem to work.
>So yes - definitely having problems installing any Ubuntu on my
>Toshiba laptop. :-(
Ahh yes, the SATA stuff. Hoary did detect and re-size/partition my SATA 
drives just fine but I think I remember reading something funky about 
the Tecra A4's drives. I'm just jumping right to the nightly build of 
Breezy, should I even try Colony 2-3 since they're already in the "past?"

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