Unable to Install Toshiba Tecra A4?

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 21:47:13 CDT 2005

Hey Greg,

I only got as far as the first round of hardware detection with Hoary
on my Toshiba Portege S100. Oddly enough, it couldn't find the cdrom
that it booted from. *shrug* Jeff Waugh told me that Hoary simply
wouldn't work on a Toshiba laptop that has SATA drives in it somewhere
(at least I think that was the condition - the cdrom drive isn't
actually SATA - just the HDD).

Colony 2 got one step further - detecting the cdrom drive and the
wireless - but didn't detect any hard drives attached. Colony 3 was
one step further yet - getting me all the way to the partitioning
section, but it only offered the ability to modify the RAID array
(which is possible, but it currently only has one HDD) and doesn't let
me modify the partitions on the physical disk. There may be a way
around this, but everybody tells me that Colin Watson is the installer
guy and he's on his honeymoon right now.

Also, while Colony 3 got the wireless to work (the installer joined
the network automatically and everything), the regular ethernet port
didn't seem to work.

So yes - definitely having problems installing any Ubuntu on my
Toshiba laptop. :-(


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