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Tue Aug 23 16:16:14 CDT 2005

On 8/23/05, Matthew Garrett <mjg59 at> wrote:

> For those of you who've received laptops from Canonical and haven't yet
> added yourself to - get over
> there now! Ideally we want an installation of Hoary and a report using
> the template at .
> Once that's done, please do an install with the latest Breezy daily
> (several laptop-related bugs have been fixed since Colony 3) and fill in
> the Breezy column.

Can we add an installer section to this table? I haven't gotten a bit
(literally) of any release installed yet. Some things (like Hoary in
general), I was told would never boot on this machine. The Colony
releases are slowly crawling toward installable, but with our current
support checklist I haven't been able to report a thing.

> Now, here's the important bit. When something doesn't work, FILE A BUG!
> Looking through the reports filed so far, there are several things that
> are supposed to work and don't. If a machine doesn't reboot or power
> down with the latest Breezy release, please file a bug! If switching to
> an external display doesn't work, please file a bug!

My only issue with this so far is that my bugs aren't being
acknowledged, the general mailing list hasn't revealed any answers -
nor has the general #ubuntu IRC channel. The dev mailing list and IRC
channel don't acknowledge me whatsoever, and the #ubuntu-laptop
channel - while talkative and *trying* to get things done - doesn't
share any of my issues and they're busy trying to get their own
laptops running.

I've done all that can be done when you can only get 2 minutes into
the install. But it's a bit frustrating to stare at such an expensive
machine and realize you've had it powered on for about an hour.

> So, to summarise - please get the latest Breezy
> ( on there and let us know
> what's working and what isn't. If we can get answers now, we can fix
> stuff up in time for Breezy.

So when the Colony releases don't work (and bugs are filed), what's
the the appropriate time frame we should use for grabbing nightly
iso's - nightly? weekly? just wait for the next Colony?

I apologize for the negative tone. After almost 2 weeks with this
machine (and countless hours on IRC and downloading/burning iso's), I
haven't really been able to do anything yet. Since Canonical bought
these laptops to try and better support them, is there going to be
some point, times when laptop bugs will get preferential treatment?



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