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rishikesh pancholi xspace.x10 at
Sun Feb 7 18:00:03 GMT 2010

dear all,

request urgent help....

i have loaded ubuntu netbook remix on my msi u100 netbook. it is doing
fantastically well but there is a small problem. while starting or switching
on the netbook its screen or display brightness function operates on its own
and continuously fluctuates the brightness of the screen. in case if i drop
down the switching off menu from the desktop task bar and keep my cursor
over either restart or shut down option for a few seconds then this
fluctuation of screen stops and doesn't reoccur.

could you please suggest some solution to this problem? i am very happy and
satisfied with the performance of my netbook after removing windows xp and
installing ubuntu netbook remix. i do not wish to switch over to any other

awaiting an early response.

thanks and regards
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