about running the integrated webcam and microphone

Tapas K Chini tapask.chini at saha.ac.in
Mon May 7 07:49:37 BST 2007

I have migrated from WinXP to ubuntu 7.04 linux quite recently and 
installed it to my desktop IBM think center and in my laptop HP Pavilion 
dv2000.  I have two problems :
(1) In my HP Pavilion dv 2000 laptop  there are integrtaed webcam and 
microphone. But I can not switch on the  webcam nor record the  voice  
(from the Application>Sound & Video >Sound Recorder). This means I can 
not use Skype in Ubuntu 7.04 which I could do in Win XP.
(2) Also while using Skype with my extermal head phone cun microphone I 
can hear the other end but my voice can not be heard to the other ends.
So can anybody help me in configuring the integrated webcam in my HP 
laptop to take photos and to use it in vedeo mode of Skype for remote 
communication and also how to configure my external headphone cum 
microphone so that my voice can be herad to the other end for skype.

Also please help how to record the voice using the integrated microphone 
of my HP laptop.
Looking forward
Best regards


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