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danny staple danny at
Sun Jan 28 22:55:16 GMT 2007

On 27/01/07, mike ronga <ronga16 at> wrote:
> new guy,
> dose anyone know how to get totem to work ???

The "devel" list is the wrong list to be posting on, it is for
development chat really. For support problems, it is easily sorted out
with a trip to and
posting your problem.

Please be detailed about your system specifications, what exactly is
not working, including not just which program, but how it is not
working ie that it will not actually show a window, or that you can
run it but you do not get any sound. The support guys, including
myself at times will then try to help you out.

My initial suggestion for problems with Totem, if it is not playing
Mp3's is to try the following page for advice:

Good luck,
Danny Staple
Danny Staple MBCS
(Full contact details available through website)

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