HP NC4200 Notebook

robsta at lyntrix.de robsta at lyntrix.de
Mon Oct 23 10:32:51 BST 2006

Which patches have not been accepted? Where can I get them and which of
these patches could fix the problem that my NC4200 isn't coming back at
all from suspend-to-ram(no log entries for coming back - seems to be
completely dead). I already tried your little patch concerning the BIOS
reboot i have found searching the web. No success.

Thanks in advance

Am 17.10.2006 um 00:08 Uhr haben Sie geschrieben:
> On Mon, Oct 16, 2006 at 10:35:59AM +0200, robsta at lyntrix.de wrote:
> > Did the HP specific source code for the laptops into the official
> > tree on kernel.org?
> All the relevant patches have been sent upstream, but not all of them
> have been accepted.

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