HP NC4200 Notebook

robsta at lyntrix.de robsta at lyntrix.de
Mon Oct 16 09:35:59 BST 2006


At first thank you for your hard work and affort you are putting into
linux distribution development.

I am running a Gentoo Linux on my HP NC4200 laptop having some issues
with getting suspend to ram to work. After googlin and testing
different kernel flavours and experimenting with different suspend
technics and tools like vbetool you are my last chance to get this

Did the HP specific source code for the laptops into the official kernel
tree on kernel.org? If so - I am running 2.6.18 with Suspend2 patchset -
can you give me any hints how to get the right configuration? If the HP
code didn't went into the official source code on Kernel.org, i would
suppose that it is ubuntu specific. Can you provide me with a kernel
patch you are using for exsample at the edgy eft - testing team found
out that suspend-to-ram is working(which is running on 2.6.18 on the
moment, isn't it?)

I would be really grateful if you could help me with this.

Thank you in advance

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