Collecting key information

Neil Hooey nhooey at
Fri Mar 10 20:58:22 GMT 2006

> Neil, I'm afraid I'm a bit short of time to knock together a site now, 
> but basically we want to collect the following information:

What do you think would be a good way to take user submissions for scancodes?
Should we just have an email address that people send a dumped file to, or
have them attach something to a form in a web page?

> 1) What sort of event is generated (keycode, acpi event)
> 2) Whether a special driver is needed (sony_pcc, asus_acpi, ibm_acpi, 
> panasonic_acpi, tosh_acpi, wistron_btns)
> 3) What event is generated for each key
> 4) The dmidecode vendor and product names

With that scancode catching program I wrote, we've covered 1 and 4, although
it definitely needs polishing. How should we go about getting information on 2?

What do you mean by "what event" is generated for each key?

Neil Hooey

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