Kubuntu Council Poll - Member Reappointment

Bob accessys at smart.net
Thu Sep 16 02:29:48 UTC 2021

I used to be active years ago at least 10 have used linux since y2k
and Kubuntu since at least 2012.

as I have gotten older I have felt less and less like hacking and just 
want things to run. Kubuntu always did that so I was happy.

have 18.04lTS on box but it has been getting buggy over the last year or 
two, bought new hard drive and loaded a fresh clean copy of 20.04 back 
then in 2020.  it is driving me to drink.
dpkg won't update so can't update software
Alpine won't log into my ISP (and neither I nor my ISP provider can figure 
out why
and these are just the big issues that are bothering me most

I'm so ready to drop kubuntu right now.

you may have stripped me of my voting priledges but what is going on with 
my trusty Kubuntu???


On Fri, 10 Sep 2021, Rick Timmis wrote:

> Dear Kubuntu Community
> Apologies for the delay and short notice in regard to upcoming Kubuntu Council
> elections. Three members of the council are soon to expire their membership.
> However, each member has expressed their desire to serve on the Kubuntu Council for
> another term.
> Of course, it is appropriate that the members of the kubuntu community support these
> members in their reappointment.
> Therefore the Council has created a Poll on Launchpad within the Kubuntu Members
> section, and we ask that you vote to approve or deny these reappointments.
> The Council Members standing for reelection, and a link to each individuals poll is
> as follows
> Aaron Honeycutt
> Rik Mills - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/+poll/rikmills-kc-relection-2021
> Rick Timmis
> -  https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/+poll/ricktimmis-kc-relection-2021
> Polls open for voting at Midnight on 12th September and close at Midnight on 18th
> September 2021
> Thank you for taking the time to vote.
> --
> Best Wishes
> Rick
> For additional info, social, blog and contact details drop by my website.
>        ricktimmis.com
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