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On 10/9/20 10:20 PM, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
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>     Why is Kubuntu turning into Windows?
> Unsure what this question has to do with your main question, really.
>     What dev decided that simple minded users cannot be trusted with
>     their operating system and has to be babysat.
> That was not the reasoning at all. Devels wrestled with how to allow 
> this safely but could not find a way. However, if you need to make an 
> operation that requires sudo powers, a popup gives you a way to 
> provide your password.
> It's a win-win -- you get to do what you need to do, and in a 
> completely safe way.
>>     Executing Dolphin with sudo is not possible due to unfixable
>>     security vulnerabilities.
>     I understand those vulnerabilities but it is my choice to do so. I
>     don't need some nanny looking over my shoulder, a la Windows.
> Again, the comparison to Windows does not help your point.
> Valorie
> PS: running *any* gui application with sudo is a terrible idea. Ever.
There are times, such as moving a Thunderbird profile from one computer 
to a new one so that you have everything on both, that you have to use 
Dolphin, or some other bit, as administrator. That is the only way you 
can copy the files to a thumb drive. I know the risks I'm taking when I 
do something. One of the hallmarks of a Linux operating system has been 
the ability to "have it my way" as Burger King says.

The main reason I left Windows about twenty years ago was because of the 
constant babysitting. Try to open a program and the popup that asks if I 
really want to run that program. Well, if I didn't want to run that 
program I wouldn't have clicked on it.

I managed to break my Linux installation many times but I leaned from 
each experience. Simple fix, delete partition, new partition, install. I 
haven't broken one in about eighteen years now.

If I'm here, running Linux, I must have some idea what I'm doing. If I'm 
as stupid as they think I am I would still be running Windows. I don't 
need a baby sitter. IF I do something stupid and break it I will take 
care of it. It's not their fault. It's mine.

It has come to my attention that another Linux distro has "Run ****** as 
Administrator" in the menu. Popup box opens and tells you not to do 
anything stupid and it runs.

I have been running (K)Ubuntu now for about eighteen years and have 
loved it. I've recommended it to many Windows users who were 
dissatisfied with Windows for whatever reason. But if it is going to 
devolve into a "Windows Clone" I suppose I will have to look around for 
another version of Linux. I don't want to. I would much rather stay with 
Kubuntu. I have been very happy with it for a very long time.

P. S.

I am NOT a geek/guru/or whatever. I am a simple computer user. I do NOT 
do command line. If I wanted to use command line I would still be 
running DOS. I use a Graphical User Interface because that is how I want 
to use my computer. Click - Runs  Click- Goes Away  Click - Goes to that 
directory   Click - opens that file Not sit here typing gobbledegook on 
the keyboard. However, there are times I must go into a terminal and use 
something to attain my goal, such as running Dolphin/Kate as administrator.

As I said before, I am aware of the dangers. I use it in Admin mode to 
do what I need and get the H  E  Double Hockey Sticks out. Only use it 
when I absolutely have to. I am not ignorant or stupid.

There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo.
Please use in that order.

The soap box represents exercising one's right to freedom of speech to influence politics to defend liberty.
The ballot box represents exercising one's right to vote to elect a government which defends liberty.
The jury box represents using jury nullification to refuse to convict someone being prosecuted for breaking an unjust law that decreases liberty.
The ammo box represents exercising one's right to keep and bear arms to oppose, in armed conflict, a government that decreases liberty.

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