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Wed Jan 15 23:32:43 UTC 2020

Personally, I cannot speak for everyone.  When I open a .tar/.tar.gz 
file with Ark, I do not select anything in the package, but click on 
"Extract" and it extracts all the files into a subdirectory of the 
directory where I downloaded the .tar/tar.gz file.

After that I follow what Clay Weber wrote about compiling and installing.

Good luck!


On 1/8/20 4:15 PM, Clay Weber wrote:
>> On January 8, 2020 at 3:03 PM "M.R.P. zensky" < 
>> wintermute24x7 at <mailto:wintermute24x7 at>> wrote:
>> Hello I am wanting to be able to install tar packages in kubuntu and 
>> have the package installed to the correct place.Where is the best 
>> place to install a package in my linux directory. I don’t want to 
>> unzip the package and have it explode files all over my system making 
>> a mess. Any suggestions?
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> The package you have is most likely the actual source code, though it 
> could be a self contained setup. So it sort of depends on what 
> specific thing you downloaded.  These are not directly installable, 
> but need to be compiled, and then installed. This requires installing 
> compilers, utilities, and any specific dependency files the particular 
> program needs in order to be compiled.
> You can open the archive in Ark and see the contents without 
> extracting them, and look for any instructions, often a file called 
> 'readme'. You can preview this without extracting, as well.
> Can you tell us what it is you are looking to install?
> Clay Weber
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