Kubuntu Council Election 2019 voting

Rik Mills rikmills at kubuntu.org
Sun Aug 25 07:59:40 UTC 2019

Hi everyone.

The call for nominations in the election has now closed, and the
following 3 candidates have been nominated:

Aaron Honeycutt
Rik Mills
Rick Timmis

for the 3 positions in the Council they currently hold.

Therefore, in accordance with community council election guidelines [1],
a full election via CVIS or launchpad is not required.

Instead, an individual confirmation poll for each candidate has been set
up on the Kubuntu Members launchpad team page.

This is a Yes/No poll, with no other options, open only to Kubuntu Members.

Aaron Honeycutt:
Rik Mills:
Rick Timmis:

Launchpad requires a (12 hrs) delay between creating a poll and it
opening for voting, so the voting window is accordingly:

Polls open: 8pm UTC, 25th August 2018
Polls close: 8pm UTC, 31st August 2018

I believe launchpad will automatically open and close the polls, so it
is crucial to vote within the aforesaid window.

Happy voting

[1] - https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/restaffing/890

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