GRUB-Installation failure?

Fizzlifax fizzlifax at
Thu May 24 18:36:26 UTC 2018


I am using Kubuntu 14.04 - 64 LTS with a Raid-Controler and Raid 5 and LVM.

Now I installed a new Samsung SSD and wanted install Kubuntu 18.04 - 64 LTS

The installation proceedes but there are big issues with the LVM-Management!

Nevertheless - I tried all kinds auf installations but it fails always,
after the installation, when - i suppose - the boot-record and Grub ist

The bugtracker-Window ist not active so I cant put there any message!

To be shure that it is not my system - I tried the same with Ubuntu and
miracle there were no problems except the same LVM troubbles - but the
system is able to start.

There is also another Bug since the system rubs the LVM-Swap-LV from the
raid instead to use the SSD. - This on both distributions. But I didnt
give there any permission it for!

I am used with installation problems for LVM-use but it is always

I filed the problems to a lot of forums but without any reaction as -
that one feels not responsible it for!


Any idea to resolve the problem?

Thanks in advance


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