Lets Drop Old Monitors

Bill Vance kbun at xpresso.seaslug.org
Tue Jul 17 14:37:57 UTC 2018

On Mon, 16 Jul 2018, Doug wrote:

> On 07/16/2018 03:40 PM, David Lang wrote:
>       On Mon, 16 Jul 2018, Bill Vance wrote:
>             On Sun, 15 Jul 2018, David Lang wrote:
>                   On Sun, 15 Jul 2018, Bmarsh wrote:
>                         The problem is with the newer
>                         video monitors and laptops.  A
>                         year ago, I bought a Lenovo
>                         laptop with a UHD monitor.  (
>                         3840x2160 or thereabouts). Darn
>                         near impossible to install Linux
>                         and even after a LOT of
>                         tweaking, the fonts and viewing
>                         isn’t ideal.
>                         I keep a magnifying glass handy
>                         whenever I am using it.
>                   have you tried changing the DPI setting?
>             That is one of two methods of changing font sizes in
>             system
>             settings.  Neither of them is anywhere close to working
>             perfectly.
>       the DPI setting changes not just the font size, but also the
>       graphics sizes, at least for all apps that pay attention to this.

Which, unfortunately, is no guarentee that they'll do a good job
of it, which is one of the main reasons I'm lobbying for making
individual adjustments to text, and symbol sizes.

>       There really isn't a good way to override what the app does if it's
>       not well behaved.

Which is no excuse whatsoever for not being able to do anything
about it.

>       remember you need to logout after changing the DPI for it to work.
>       I recently replaced by 1080 HD monitor with a 4K monitor the same
>       size, and I've had a laptop with a 4k screen, so I've had to deal
>       with this and with kubuntu, the DPI setting fixed pretty much
>       everything.
>       David Lang

I should be so freaking lucky.

> I've been looking at this thread for a while, and it looks to me that the title
> is wrong: it's the old monitors that provide proper sized fonts. I just bought a
> 27" AOC monitor, and I have an older NVIDIA
> card in the machine, and everything works perfectly. Why would anyone want to
> phase out the old monitors? The new one I just bought looks fine. (And the old
> one, a ViewSonic, also worked fine.)
> --doug

I didn't, "phase out", my old monitor, I used it till it died.
Then I got a new HD monitor, and what was starting to be a
problem on the old one, became infinitely worse.  I think
you'll find most people will use their stuff till it wears
out, dies, or otherwise becomes incapable of doing the desired


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