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Fri Jul 13 11:59:25 UTC 2018

Hi there!

Am Freitag, 13. Juli 2018, 07:59:43 CEST schrieb Christer Wickman:
> I would like to ask a question. I bought a laptop, there is one thing I don't like with. I rather would use KUbuntu instead of Windows 10. Can one install KUbuntu and remove Windows 10? I like KUbuntu instead of Windows.

That's not hard at all - except that I don't know much about UEFI. 

Just download the Kubuntu image and burn it to a DVD or copy it to an USB stick. Then boot that. You might need to change the boot order in the BIOS, if it doesn't boot your new installation medium. You'll be guided through the installation. At one step, it asks about which device to install it on. Chose "Guided, use whole disk and encrypt" (or something like that).

If your laptop has UEFI, you might need to turn that off in the BIOS.

You really should encrypt your system, all the more if it's a laptop. It might get stolen, and you don't want sensitive data going to the wrong hand.

Good luck,

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