Lets Drop Old Monitors

Bill Vance kbun at xpresso.seaslug.org
Thu Jul 12 16:01:17 UTC 2018


Do excuse me for mooching, (part of), a Subject: line.  :-)

In a sense, this is about a similar sort of problem, but coming
at it from a different direction.  My hope here, is to provide
some ideas for improving on what so far, is _very_ frustrating.

A while back when my trusty old Optiquest Q-71 monitor died, and
I replaced it with a brand new HD monitor, I expected it to solve
a host of problems.  Unfortunately, a bunch of really nasty
problems showed up, mostly dealling with text, and symbol sizes.
I am constantly running up against this problem.  Obviously,
there's only going to be more, and more HD monitors out there
as time goes on, so.......

Therefore, as a way of solving the agravation involved, and
fixing the source, I would like to suggest the following to
those involved in programming the OS.

1.  A plugin module which any programmer can include in their
     software, to make the change from old style to HD, a better
     controlled, nicer, easier, experience.  The less they have
     to do to make it work, the better.  If item 2, (below), is
     done adequately, this could be a simple Kernel option.

2.  It should be something as simple as a possible Ctrl/Alt key
     combination at the start of any text sequence or symbol item
     so the system knows it may need re-sizing, and act accordingly.

3.  A list of which bit of text, or symbol should have which size
     should be in something like /etc/prog-name/sizes.

4.  The install disk should be capable of determining which
     sort of monitor the system has, and include it or not.
     It should be capable of being added if an old monitor,
     (like mine), dies, and gets replaced.

5.  Changing the size of text, or symbol, should be as easy
     as putting the mouse pointer on it, and activating the
     appropriate up/down menu item of the left+right button
     clipboard style options.

These are just a few ideas, and there are no doubt others out
there, too.  Don't be "bash"full, now :-) if you've a few of
your own send 'em in.  Things won't improve without input. :-)


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