Difficulties to connect to access an Android phone from Kubuntu 16.04

Bas G. Roufs - in English basroufs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 15:11:50 UTC 2018

Hello Dave and Everybody.

> Hope this isn't a stupid question but have you tried different cables?

Good question Dave. Have been using different cables over the years, with 
different results.......

> The one that came with my Motorola G3 really does only charge - I can't
> get any data connection with it. Other cables work perfectly. Dragging
> down from the top of the G3 screen gives me the USB options to transfer
> files etc. which mounts both internal and SD storage without doing
> anything else or installing anything.

Will buy later another data cable, try it and report my findings here.

Bas G. Roufs. 

> Dave

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