Transitioned from years of Windows O/S to Kubuntu

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Thu Jan 25 05:36:56 UTC 2018

On 01/24/2018 03:03 PM, James L. Parmenter wrote:
> Hi All;
>          I'm 68 yr old white male who's been using Windows since 
> Windows for Work Groups 3.1.1 I just installed Kubuntu 16.04.3 on my 
> Laptop. I've done in the terminal Konsole, sudo apt-get update and 
> sudo apt-get upgrade, Discover has updated 259 updates automatically. 
> I've re-booted twice since my install. I've searched the Internet for 
> things (guides) to do after fresh install, but not sure about some of 
> the advice..? I've read some e-books about "how to's" yet not much 
> info on setting up the system for an everyday PC usage... I read an 
> article about KDE 5.8.8 and some backports..? being available from the 
> PPA..? Haven't installed it yet, PPA's leave me a bit weary. I've 
> tried Synaptic Package Manager but removed it cuz I don't know what to 
> look for..? No problems w/install, so this is NOT Tech Support... just 
> asking for advice for a "good System"..!  Thanks in  advance,
> James...

Doug gave you some good advice. I also recommend Synaptic over the 
standard KDE package management. I find that he KDE package management 
can't find all that's available. Just type what your looking for into 
the search box. Want graphics, type graphics. You don't need to know a 
name. Just what you want.

What you do from this point depends on what you want to do with your 

Me, I do genealogy and related web sites. Also some history . Towards 
that end I use Bluefish as a web page editor. There's another helper 
called Cssed to edit cascading style sheets. Unfortunately KDE/Kubuntu 
doesn't support it but Debian does so I use it from there. I also find 
KDE's FTP program to be somewhat less than what I want so I use Gftp 
from the Gnome desktop. The whole point here is that you have all the 
choices. You know what you want to use your computer for and you can 
find and use whatever works best for you.

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