Screen Res problem in 16.04

Bill Vance kbun at
Sat Jan 20 07:30:04 UTC 2018

On Fri, 19 Jan 2018, Clay Weber wrote:

> On Fri, January 19, 2018 11:20 am, Bill Vance wrote:
>> Ok, I'm checking out the try it and see portion of a
>> 16.04 install DVD.  When I get to the screen resolution
>> portion of os the System Settings, the choice of available resolutions is
>> completely unsatisfactory. There are _only_ two, 720X400, and 1920X1080.
>> I have
>> to use a _LARGE_ magnifying glass just to see these numbers, and clicking
>> on either doesn't change the resolution, at all.
>> How do I get this to work, and with the entire
>> spectrum of resolutions to pick, and choose from, so I can get something
>> decent to work with?
>> Bill
> What resolution are you expecting?
> What gpu is this, and what monitor or system is it?
> In the live session, only the free drivers are available, so it is
> possible that only the screen's native resolution is available, or it
> can't properly detect the screen's resolution options.
> Now, if you were to install 16.04, on higher res monitors and TVs, the
> 1920x1080 is the best resolution, but of course the ui and fonts will all
> be tiny. To get better size, you don't change the resolution, you change
> settings for font dpi and screen scaling, as described in this video:
> Unfortunately, these changes do require a logout for them  to take effect,
> which is problematic on a live session :)
> Clay Weber

Gpu?  The monitor us a hanns-g, and measures apx. 21"X11".

According to system settings, I'm using 1920X1080, auto
refresh, but available screen space is huge compared to
what is physically available, which leaves me _lots_ of
room for multi-windows worth of stuff.  That's 6 terminal/
program windows per workspace, 3 across, 2 vertical, 8
workspaces.  Each terminal fills the physical screen, and I
navigate between it, and the other 5 by moving the mouse
around. I like a system with _lots_ of room for multiple

This is, of course, _NOT_ what I'm seeing with the live
session.  Any guess as to What scaling/dpi might be good
to start with?


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