Please help test! Artful Dot One

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Sat Jan 6 00:25:45 UTC 2018

Hello folks, you may or may not be aware that the Artful images were
withdrawn because there was a bug that would hurt some machines. The kernel
has been patched to get rid of the bugged driver now, and the images have
been re-spun as of today:

‎[13:32] ‎[Notice]‎ -queuebot to #kubuntu-devel- Builds: Kubuntu Desktop
amd64 [Artful Dot One] (20180105.2) has been added
‎[13:32] ‎[Notice]‎ -queuebot to #kubuntu-devel- Builds: Kubuntu Desktop
i386 [Artful Dot One] (20180105.2) has been added

So we need to retest, just as if this was a Release Candidate. In
<-- amd64
<---- i386

Especially you folks who want i386 to continue to be distributed, please
test! Release is scheduled for 6 days from now; next Thurday 11 January.

Where it says 0/6 we need 6/6 to give the all-clear to release. As usual,
please report bugs and link them on the tracker.

This has been unprecidented! I hope you can help out with at least one test.

All the best,


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