Download file LibreOffice German dictionary: small mistake & "workaround".

Bas G. Roufs - in English basroufs at
Mon Jun 12 15:10:49 UTC 2017

Dear everybody from the Open Document Foundation Security Team.

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Please, take a look at this page:

Scroll at that page, until you'll arrive at this heading:

German (de-DE igerman98) dictionaries - 2011.06.21

Or copy - paste the above name directly into the search dialogue window 
(Control-F) of the Firefox browser.

From there, scroll to the hyperlink to the download file with this name:


Or copy-paste this name into the search dialogue window of Firefox - the 
window you'll get by typing "Control-F¨ and go directly to the link I refer 

When downloading the file "behind" the link, you'll get a file with this name:

My system is Kubuntu  (Linux) 16.04 LTS, along with KDE Plasma version 5.8.6. 
and LibreOffice  It "sees" the file "dict-de_de-igerman98_2011-06-21" as 
it comes from the download page as a .bin - file; that's why, the extension 
manager from Libre Office cannot work with it. 

However, I discovered a simple, but effective "workaround".  I have "renamed" 
the file "dict-de_de-igerman98_2011-06-21": by manually adding the 4 characters 
".oxt". So, the new name of the file is now:


After doing so, the system opens the file via LibreOffice who will in it's turn 
automatically add this extension.

However it may be - not everybody is able to solve the problem as summarized 
here. That's why, I advise you to upload a correctly named file  to the  above 
mentioned download page - this means a file with some name ; pls. add the 4 
characters ".oxt" to it. By example:


Bas G. Roufs.

Bas G. Roufs
Van 't Hoffstraat 1
NL- 3514 VT  Utrecht
BasRoufs at
+31 6 446 835 10

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